Diversity Works supports putting (gender) diversity on the map within the supply chain & logistics.

Sunrock supports Diversity Works because it understands that (gender) diversity can offer innovative insights and thus also solutions for challenges that the company is confronted with on a daily basis. One of those challenges is accomplishing sustainability within the somewhat conventional world of Supply Chain & Logistics. It takes energy and movement to achieve diversity within this industry.

The transition to sustainable energy is in full swing and this has a huge impact on companies and on our entire society. Sunrock has all the expertise to make its clients’ energy smart and sustainable. For a cleaner world, but also for your organisation.
At Sunrock, ambitious project developers, finance professionals, consultants, ICT specialists and technicians work together in an informal atmosphere on sustainable energy projects for their customers. It is their innovative and entrepreneurial approach that makes their projects a success.

Sunrock has already made more than 1 million square meters of roof sustainable and is working hard to provide all major roofs in the Netherlands with solar energy. Sunrock takes care of the entire development, financing, realisation and management of solar-on-roof projects. In addition, they can also supply energy from their own roof with Sunrock Energy.

Sunrock knows exactly what is involved and arranges everything: Financing, subsidies, technology, maintenance, contracts, guarantees, ICT, partnerships, permits and social and ecological integration. According to their customers, they do this quickly, professionally, transparently and reliably.