The Role Model programme

Different supply chain professionals learn from each other
In this programme, a diverse selection of professionals in Supply Chain and Logistics will be paired up. Within this programme, we strive for a ‘buddy’ system in which people with complementary backgrounds can meet and inspire each other. Diversity is used in the broadest sense, and different profiles will be connected. Think gender, nationality, religion, ethnicity, discipline, industry, age, culture, level, etc. By challenging each other on different topics that are relevant to both parties but in a different way, participants can gain new insights. A buddy system is an effective tool with which we can help professionals in different stages of their career take a step further. A role model can help you expand your own network, increase your career opportunities and make you feel more confident.

What is the purpose of the programme?

Diversity Works aims to harness diversity in its broadest sense. Besides the visible differences such as age, gender and skin colour, this also applies to the invisible differences such as experience, beliefs, sexual orientation or cultural background. The programme wants to facilitate this and offer tools. On the one hand to connect people, but also to provide a structure and working method so that all parties can get as much as possible out of the connection.

How does the programme work?

The programme starts with a speed dating event in which all participants meet each other. Based on that meeting, everyone decides with whom they will form a mentor and mentee pair, with Diversity Works helping to make the right match. They also decide for themselves how often they visit each other, although we do offer support with, for example, a checklist or coaching tips. In addition, Diversity Works organises several online and physical meetings to further facilitate development.

The advantages of the programme

The mentor and mentee are role models for each other. Young professionals can learn from the experience of people already further along in their careers. Experienced professionals can hitch a ride on the enthusiasm and new (professional) knowledge of the emerging talent. A mutually beneficial relationship is the aim. In 2022, we completed a successful trajectory that focused on women. In 2023, we want to open the trajectory more widely. All 2022 participants developed positively and also kept valuable contacts.

Apply as a mentor

Are you a senior professional within Logistics or Supply Chain and would you like to be a mentor for an industry colleague? As a mentor, you will help your mentee grow on a professional level and learn from him or her as well.


Apply as a mentee

Do you work in Logistics or Supply Chain but do you sometimes come across challenges and do not know who to discuss them with? As a mentee, you choose a mentor with whom you can discuss professional challenges (and more).