Role model

Programme where different backgrounds come together.
In this programme, a diverse selection of professionals in Supply Chain and Logistics will be paired up. Within this programme, we strive for a ‘buddy’ system in which people with complementary backgrounds can meet and inspire each other. Diversity is used in the broadest sense, and different profiles will be connected. Think gender, nationality, religion, ethnicity, discipline, industry, age, culture, level, etc. By challenging each other on different topics that are relevant to both parties but in a different way, participants can gain new insights. A buddy system is an effective tool with which we can help professionals in different stages of their career take a step further. A role model can help you expand your own network, increase your career opportunities and make you feel more confident.

How does it work?

Diversity Works offers an interactive platform, where a diverse variety of professionals can meet and learn from each other. Whereas, in everyday life it can be difficult to get into contact with someone who has the set of qualities you do not, and the other way around, we strive for inclusiveness by connecting people with different qualities in an accessible way.

How does the buddy system work? On the website you can find out who is available as a role model. Based on the available profiles, you can indicate a preference that matches the aspect you want to develop yourself in. If you cannot find a connection, we will look for a suitable candidate for you. We will connect you with that person and you can plan your trajectory together.

Are you curious about your buddy, and about how you can help each other as a person as well as a professional, then sign up via the website. We will put you in touch with each other and give you options on how you can organise the content of the development process together. 

Meet the Role Models

A number of Chain & Logistics experts have already signed up as role models. Each of them has a unique set of characteristics and experience. It is vital to choose a buddy that fits with you as a person, and with your requirements. That is why we have asked our coaches to provide a brief introduction, and to explain more about how they personally envision the coaching trajectory. Do you have a preference and would you like to get in touch with one of our candidates, then sign up now!

Patrick Gunther

Senior Director EMEA Supply Chain
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Margo Zuurveld – van Oosterom

Director Planning en Replenishment
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Naomi Landman

Global Head of Sales Engagement
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We are always looking for role models. Some have already signed up.

Every candidate has a unique set of characteristics and experience, and so do you! Would you like to take a colleague under your wing next year? Do you enjoy coaching and guiding, and do you want to help someone else grow in their profession? Then request more information here, or sign up right away!


Do you work within Logistics or Supply Chain management, and do you have several years of experience? Do you have a lot of ambition, and feel that this is ‘your’ sector, but do you also sometimes find yourself in challenging situations and don't know who to discuss this with? Would you to have someone to spar with now and then, someone who is objective and perhaps not that close to you? Someone who can help you develop in this sector?