Diversity Works.

But only in organisations that truly embrace the differences between individual professionals, and not just say they do.
We know that diverse and inclusive organisations are more flexible and perform better. What’s more, people like working for companies where diversity is high on the agenda, but diversity is also an elusive topic. Abstract, and it can be sensitive. And therefore, it can be a challenge to put it into practice within Supply Chain & Logistics.

This is where we want to make a difference. With Diversity Works we make the translation to business. With concrete tools, we help leaders from the sector to answer the question: “What can I do to make a diverse and inclusive culture part of my daily business operations?”

Our Approach

We help leaders implement diversity into their business by bringing co-workers together. We share our best practices, spar about challenges, and provide space to discuss complex topics. In addition, we focus our efforts on guiding and training young, diverse talent.

The time has come to get our industry moving. No endless theory, but real action. By joining forces, we can change the industry from within. So that soon, diversity and inclusion will no longer be just a subject, but a natural part of our daily business.

It’s time to get things moving, join us!

Our ambition is for Diversity Works to become so instrumental that it will be embraced and supported by the sector. So that initiatives come from within and will be (financially) supported by employers. That way, continuity of initiatives and programmes can be guaranteed.
Get moving too!