Elise Gerritsen

Director of Professional Training Bodywork and Project Leader Logistics Valley Rivierenland

"Supply Chain and Logistics has been my world for 25 years. An inspiring and dynamic world in which there is a [dire] need for more diversity. To have solutions for today’s complex problems, we need different kinds of visions, skills and backgrounds. But, none of that happens by itself. Breaking through fixed patterns and systems in our sector still requires structural attention, and action.

At Diversity Works, we want to generate that action. In a durable, practical and accessible way. I still notice every day, that diversity and inclusion is a complex and somewhat fraught topic. We are afraid of doing it wrong, or of unknowingly offending others, and this makes it difficult to take steps. With Diversity Works we want to make things less heavy. By offering a safe space to discuss difficult topics. In addition to give substance to new foundations with wisdom, compassion and business sobriety in thinking and doing. My ambition is to make Diversity Works the leading centre for diversity and inclusion within the sector.”

Dominique van Wijnen - Jansen

Co-owner SCM Executives

"As co-owner of SCM Executives, I focus on mediating management positions in Supply Chain & Logistics. In my line of work, I have noticed that there is an increasing need for diversity in management teams. But when it comes down to it, women or young talent are almost never chosen.

The intention is there, but the sector is struggling with the translation into practice. I believe that Diversity Works can make a difference in this transitional phase. We know the industry inside out and understand what leaders need. We incorporate this knowledge and experience into our approach. An approach that is above all practical. In everything we do, we keep the focus on the conversion into business. How do we make diversity and inclusion a tangible part of day-to-day business operations? That is my biggest motivation. As an inspired entrepreneur and loving mother, I am fully committed to greater diversity and inclusion in Supply Chain & Logistics.”