Meet & Greet

Networking opportunities for associates from the world of Supply Chain & Logistics
Networking, learning and inspiring are central to the Meet & Greet programme. For every meeting we invite a guest speaker who shares a story out of passion for the subject, and who encourages change. They can be professionals from the world of Supply Chain and Logistics, or they can be speakers with a different background. Depending on current themes, and at the request of our followers, we offer a diverse array of topics. 

What do we organise?

• Online Webinars in the form of master classes, training courses, interviews, etc.
• An amazing annual networking event on location.

You will be stimulated by high-profile experts, colleagues, futurists, coaches, directors and role models, who will increase your knowledge and broaden your horizons. With the main goal to make diversity and an inclusive company culture part of your daily business. So keep an eye on the agenda!



Logistics, Supply Chain & Manufacturing
That's where you want to work!

By 2023, Gen Zs and millennials will comprise 48% of the total workforce.

Yet our sector is still struggling to attract, retain and retain up-and-coming talent. In doing so, more and more companies value the level of diversity in onboarding. It is time for action! On April 11th, Diversity Works organizes an interactive event in Stadion Galgenwaard where students, starters, HR and business come together to get to know each other and ask questions.

Yinske Silva

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Aftermovie event

Below you will find the aftermovie of our latest event. An exclusive dinner organized in the Galgenwaard Stadium of FC Utrecht with the theme: ‘Diversity & Inclusion as a growth accelerator for Supply Chain and Logistics"