Margo Zuurveld – van Oosterom

Age: 57
Education: Technical Business Administration / Master Transport & Logistics

Experience: More than 30 years of experience with Supply Chain across the board (purchasing/sourcing, forecasting, planning, warehousing, transport). Both in management roles and in staff positions. Specialisation in the area of the Supply Chain of consumer products; in production companies, as well as companies in retail and wholesale; in both food and non-food.

Why Margo wants to be a role model

"Letting young women or men grow in their Supply Chain role, and contributing to it based on my experience.

I have coached candidates a number of times in their growth to a different role within the same company, or to a new work environment, by making them realise what they are capable of and what they can achieve. After that, I have also provided them with guidance in their new role for a while. In this way of working together in the development of a coachee, attention should also be paid to personal development, and to cooperation in a diverse environment.

What do I bring mostly to a coaching trajectory? Listening, putting our heads together, providing direction, but most certainly also challenging them! I expect my buddy to be open to this last aspect, because it is precisely by doing things differently that new possibilities open up.

I am open to a one-off conversation or to a coaching trajectory that takes a while longer, depending on the need. Saying that, I do prefer a long-term process because then you can actually build a bond, and, over time, look back on what has been achieved."