Janneke van den Broek

“In the more than 25 years that I have now been working within Supply Chain and logistics, I have been fortunate to have met more and more women that play a key role in the field. Yet they are often still loners in an environment where men are the norm, and the opportunity for young women to exchange ideas with a more experienced role model remains limited. Conversations about this don’t have to be heavy, but simply looking at something with a fresh perspective, inspiring, sharing knowledge and motivating is often more than enough. This also applies to others with a more diverse background.

From the Diversity Works platform, we want to set up a mentor programme, in which we want to offer younger people within the Logistics and Supply Chain the opportunity to meet more experienced role models and help them develop further. It is with great pleasure that I will take on the role of Programme Lead. Would you like to sing up as a role model, or are you looking for a role model, do not hesitate to sign up.”