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An event where students and business come together

By 2023, Gen Zs and millennials will comprise 48% of the total workforce.

Yet our sector is still struggling to attract, retain and retain up-and-coming talent. In doing so, more and more companies value the level of diversity in onboarding. It is time for action! On April 11th, Diversity Works organizes an interactive event in Stadion Galgenwaard where students, starters, HR and business come together to get to know each other and ask questions.

Please note that this event is in Dutch.

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What does the program look like?

Recruiting without bias - Why is this important and how do you achieve it?
Charlotte Melkert CEO of Equalture - for pioneers no longer willing to accept resume bias - explains how candidates can be assessed on predictors of success. Their potential rather than their experience.
Speed dating - Meet tomorrow's talent!
The new generation wants to work for a company with a mission they support. Where they can contribute something to a better world. Find out what this means for your organization. During speed dating you will engage in conversation with students and startups. Learn first-hand what tomorrow's talent is looking for in a company to work for.
Break -> Dinner
Break with dinner and drinks
Impact of image - See your organization through the lens of the new generation.
Learn what you can achieve with branding and storytelling. Both within your organization and through social media. To bind, fascinate and retain young professionals.
Professionals give advice
● Bob de Nijs (Director of Operations, Homefashion Group)
● Pauline Vink (VP Global Supply Chain, Corbion)
● Josine Neumann (Managing Director Retail Europe, Fluiconnecto)
● Henk Venema (CEO Benelux, DHL Global Forwarding)
● Daniel Uijtdewilligen (Director International Transport, Jan de Rijk Logistics)
● Liane Philipsen (European Director Warehousing, Mainfreight Europe)


April 11th, 2023
17:00 - 22:00


Galgenwaard Stadion Utrecht Herculesplein 241
3584 AA


€150,- per person (excl. VAT) including food & drinks.


Our sponsors


Sunrock supports Diversity Works because it understands that (gender) diversity can offer innovative insights and thus also solutions for challenges that the company is confronted with on a daily basis. One of those challenges is accomplishing sustainability within the somewhat conventional world of Supply Chain & Logistics. It takes energy and movement to achieve diversity within this industry.

SCM Executives

SCM Executives focusses on finding the right candidate for senior executive and board positions within Supply Chain, Logistics and Production. We support the projects of Diversity Works and stand for more diversity at the top within Supply Chain and Logistics. As of now, the percentage of female leaders is 15%. This must change. With our Executive Search services we try to stimulate diversity. We see an increasing need arising from the market. An amazing movement; it is important that we continue together!

Supply Chain Media

Supply Chain Magazine is Supply Chain Media's Dutch management publication aimed at providing news, insights and analysis related to supply chain management. It covers topics such as logistics, purchasing, inventory management, transportation and sustainability. The magazine is aimed at professionals working in the field of supply chain management, including supply chain directors, managers and analysts.
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About Diversity Works

With Diversity Works we make the translation into business. With concrete tools, we help leaders from the sector to answer the question: ‘What can I do to make a diverse and inclusive culture part of my day-to-day business’?