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As a sponsor of Diversity Works you contribute to an important theme for the sector. Together we draw attention to diversity and inclusion in a practical way. We give it the boost it deserves!

As a sponsor you support projects that help organizations within our industry to take action.
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Diversity Works

Our focus for 2023

In 2023, Diversity Works will take the next step. We really need your help with that!
Our focus is on starting three new initiatives:

D&I Scan

To make the degree of inclusivity easily measurable, Diveristy Works is developing a D&I specific survey. Trainees use this tool to give their impression of D&I within your organization. How is the company culture experienced? What could be done better and why?

Best Practises Platform

Diversity Works is building an information platform where best practices like methodologies, tools, formats and advice are collected and shared. Suitable for organizations just starting their D&I journey or looking to accelerate and advance ongoing initiatives.

Partner Ecosystem

Setting up or fine-tuning a D&I policy is not always easy. Some challenges require the expertise of external advisors. Diversity Works therefore focuses on attracting and retaining carefully selected partners. Professionals with a passion for diversity, inclusion and business.
Become sponsor of
Diversity Works

Our current sponsors


Sunrock supports Diversity Works because it understands that (gender) diversity can offer innovative insights and thus also solutions for challenges that the company is confronted with on a daily basis. One of those challenges is accomplishing sustainability within the somewhat conventional world of Supply Chain & Logistics. It takes energy and movement to achieve diversity within this industry.

SCM Executives

SCM Executives focusses on finding the right candidate for senior executive and board positions within Supply Chain, Logistics and Production. We support the projects of Diversity Works and stand for more diversity at the top within Supply Chain and Logistics. As of now, the percentage of female leaders is 15%. This must change. With our Executive Search services we try to stimulate diversity. We see an increasing need arising from the market. An amazing movement; it is important that we continue together!